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User-friendly advice on Chinese language setup in Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and mobile devices, Pinyin & Zhuyin input methods (IME), Chinese fonts, and Language Packs, plus Pinyin macros, 3rd-party Chinese software, FAQs, & more.

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Welcome! This site is all about helping you read and write Chinese using your Western-language computers, tablets, and smartphones, with a focus on Pinyin input methods.

My goal is to make this as accessible as possible to the non-technical, non-specialist, non-native speaker who just wants to get something done on their computer!

I can't guarantee I'll respond with any degree of expertise (I'm just a waiguoren after all) but please feel free to contact me anytime via my contact page on the "About" menu above if you have any questions.


Windows Chinese Features

Windows 7 Chinese character input example
When Microsoft introduced the first Start menu with Windows 95, they licensed the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up" for their advertising. Someone there was apparently oblivious to the irony of using a song that repeatedly screams "You make a grown man cry". But we eventually grew to like the Start menu, and we missed it when it went away.

Windows 8 Chinese features
Windows 7 Chinese features

Windows 10 brings back the missing Start menu, and is far less bipolar than Windows 8. You'll find Windows 10 and 8 Chinese features and setup info here.

Windows 7 will be with us for a long time. Windows Vista introduced many new Chinese features and fonts, but Win 7 is far more stable. I offer Windows 7 and Vista Chinese features and setup info here.

I also offer help with Windows XP, Microsoft Word Phonetic Guide, and more via the menus above.

常見問題: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you type "ü"? Enlarge the candidate list? Fix Word's Phonetic Guide?

Need to update or repair your Chinese input methods? Sort Chinese? Get rid of "tofu boxes", question marks, or garbage characters? Import Chinese contacts from Outlook to Gmail? Work with Cantonese, classical, or ancient characters?

Visit the frequently asked questions index, and you'll know you're not alone.


Ubuntu Linux Chinese Setup

UbuntuLearn how to install and use Chinese IMEs and fonts, set fcitx and IBus preferences, and more in the latest Ubuntu releases, from Precise Pangolin thru Bionic Beaver!

智能手机和平板电脑:Smartphones & Tablets

Android logoWondering about the Chinese features available for your Android device? Need a list of the top Android Chinese input methods? Want a quick tutorial on how to switch between Android keyboards?

Is it possible to add Chinese features to Android if your phone was meant for another market? Having problems getting your Samsung phone to send Chinese text messages? Those are FAQs.

You'll also find older articles here summarizing the Chinese features of devices I don't spend much time with: Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Nokia & others.

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