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1. A Survey of Free and Commercial 3rd Party Chinese Fonts

This survey assumes you're already aware of:

The latest Windows fonts include Cantonese and many rare literary characters, including a much improved SimSun font for those using mainland/Singapore input and encoding, and expanded MingLiU / PMingLiU fonts for Taiwan/HK/Macau encoding, but in the latter you must manually enable the extended character sets for Traditional Chinese.

If you're looking for particularly rare characters, a free tool for Windows called BabelMap new site can tell you which of your fonts contain a specific character. Scholars should also see my FAQ on working with ancient, classical, and rare Chinese characters.


Free Chinese Fonts


  • Ruby text fonts with Zhuyin or Pinyin pronunciation:
HanWang fontHanWang Zhuyin ruby fonts arrow - new site in Traditional Kai (楷體) and Ming (明體) and characters, with Bopomofo on the right. Download and install all files starting with "wp" for all alternate pronunciations (poyin zi). Many thanks to Chris Underwood arrow - new site for pointing me to the link above! If that one disappears, try this link arrow - new site or do a search for "王漢宗48套字型" and please let me know.

FangZheng fontFangZheng Pinyin ruby font arrow - new site in Simplified Kai (楷体) characters, with Pinyin on the top. This "collection" file will install six fonts starting with "FZKTPY" with all alternate pronunciations (poyin zi). Look for a "下载" button on that download page. You will need the free 7-Zip arrow - new site program or similar utility to extract from the ".rar" file. If this link disappears, just do a search for "方正楷体拼音字库" or "FZKTPY", and please let me know.

I am often asked for help finding Traditional character + Pinyin ruby fonts, or more comprehensive Traditional+Zhuyin and Simplified+Pinyin fonts. See this article for examples of ruby fonts you can buy.


  • Fonts with the most classical, literary, and other rare characters:

BabelStone fontBabelStone Han arrow - new site is a Song/Ming (宋体/明體) font with many hard-to-find Chinese characters , though it is not yet complete in some basic ranges. An ongoing project, the last time I checked it covered most Unicode CJK Unified Ideographs, large portions of Extensions A and B, all of Extensions C and D, a good chunk of Extension E, plus all CJK compatibility ideographs.

There is also a BabelStone Han PUA arrow - new site font that will offer characters not yet in the Unicode Standard. When those characters are accepted into Unicode, then the main font catches up.

The creator of BabelStone Han, Andrew West, has been making steady progress towards the goal of covering every Unicode CJK character and many general Unicode characters as well, using open-source Arphic fonts. I know of no other Chinese font project like this, free or commercial.

Hanamin fontHanaMin arrow - new site (花園明朝), a.k.a. "Hanazono Min", is a Japanese Mincho (明朝, Song/Ming) font containing over 96,000 Kanji/Hanzi. I mention it here in case you need a rare character not found in the fonts listed above, because this is a similarly comprehensive project that was the first to cover all Unicode CJK Unified Ideographs through Extension E.


  • The world's first open-source pan-CJK font:

Source Han Sans fontAdobe Source Han Sans (思源黑體), jointly developed with Google and also released as Google Noto Sans CJK, contains 65,535 Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) glyphs in multiple weights, with all languages together or in separate files. It is a Hei (黑体/黑體) San Serif typeface, for user interface (UI) environments and other appropriate screen and print uses. I think it is beautiful, even if it is not the traditional typeface for Chinese body text.

Source Han Sans is similar to the Adobe Source Sans Pro arrow - new site font (with some differences arrow - new site), and I hope in the future there will be a Song/Ming (宋体/明體) CJK font similar to Source Serif Pro arrow - new site too.

Adobe Source Han SansDr. Ken Lunde's Source Han Sans release notes (PDF) arrow - new site state that the Simplfied Chinese set includes all of the Unicode CJK Unified Ideographs and CJK Extension A, plus 199 characters representing small portions of Extensions B through E and three newly proposed characters, while the Traditional Chinese set includes all Taiwan Big 5, Hong Kong SCS-2008, and ETen characters, which as I understand it means most of Unicode CJK Unified and Extension A, plus significant portions of CJK Extension B.

Download instructions for Source Han Sans / Noto Sans CJK:

An Adobe TypeKit account arrow - new site (which can be linked with Creative Cloud) is free, and may be the easiest way to manage these fonts and stay up-to-date.

The Google Noto Sans CJK page arrow - new site is the second-easiest method. Just click the links that say (last time I checked) "S Chinese" and/or "T Chinese" to download. It is usually updated within days of the Adobe sites.

The Adobe GitHub page arrow - new site for this font offers free direct downloads of the latest version, often before it is posted elsewhere, in individual files or as large batches by weight or language, and contains many items of interest to specialists. (See "If you use the Adobe GitHub site.." below.)

The unofficial Source Han Sans mirror arrow - new site on CodePlex is available for those who are unable to access GitHub, Google, or Adobe sites and services.

If you use the Adobe GitHub site, I suggest you download by language. Change the "branch" drop-down menu from "Master" to "Release", and then either (a) use the button on the right side of the page that says "Download as Zip" to get the entire massive collection in one file, or (b) navigate to each file in the list and right-click to download them individually.

The files on GitHub and the mirror site are organized as follows:

  • OTC: all languages together, one file for each weight,*
  • OTF: separate files for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, in each weight,
  • Subset OTF: separate files for the regional needs of users in Taiwan, mainland China, Japan, and Korea (a Hong Kong version is planned), in each weight,
  • Super OTC: one Zip file containing all languages in all weights,* and
  • other stuff, most of which is only for specialists.
*OTC (OpenType Collection) files do not work in Windows.
  OTF (OpenType Font) files work in all systems.

The basic "OTF" Simplified and/or Traditional Chinese files are what most users of this site will probably want.

To install these fonts:

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, you can automatically sync these fonts to your desktop. If you have directly downloaded the Google or Adobe files, do the following in Windows: after downloading open the folder containing the fonts you want, select them all, and hit <Enter>. Then click the "Install" button for each. If you need more help with this, or with Mac/Linux/etc. installation, feel free to contact me.


  • More free font sources:
Wazu Japan's Gallery of Unicode Fonts arrow - new site in many languages
Abacus Chinese Translation arrow - new site is hosting University of Heidelberg fonts
Sinosplice arrow - new site
OLPC directory of free traditional Chinese fonts arrow - new site
Wenquanyi Open Source CJK Font Project arrow - new site (English home page)
Wenquanyi Open Source CJK Font Project arrow - new site (中文 home page)

Hán Nôm arrow - new site - a GB standard TrueType font created by the VietUnicode project. Supports Extension B. On the VietUnicode Sourceforge page, look in the "Hannom" folder. is the best version. is low-res for older systems. Install both font files, HAN NOM A.ttf and HAN NOM B.ttf

See also Alan Wood's directories of Unicode fonts for:


Commercial Chinese Fonts


  • I bought fonts!
Dynafonts TrueType 28 "Pinyin Joe" owns the Dynafont TrueType 28 package. I use it primarily for the ruby text fonts (examples here). It was distributed in North America by PenPower arrow - new site but I can't find it for sale anymore. Other font packages with Pinyin and Zhuyin ruby fonts include Arphic's "Dr. Zhuyin" arrow - new site package, and the Dynafont 2010 HK edition. arrow - new site


  • Foundries:

Adobe (see my section on the free Source Han Sans above)
Arphic Technology (文鼎科技, Taiwan) arrow - new site
DynaComware / Dynalab / Dynafont (華康科技, Hong Kong) arrow - new site
Founder (北大方正信息产业集团, Beijing) arrow - new site
Hanyi (北京汉仪科印信息技术有限公司, Beijing) arrow - new site
Monotype Hong Kong Ltd. arrow - new site
SinoType (常州华文印刷新技术有限公司, Changzhou, PRC)*
ZhongYi (中易中标电子信息技术有限公司, Beijing) arrow - new site

Linotype arrow - new site is also a leading foundry, but does not design Chinese fonts. Linotype is however a distributor for others (see below).

The Microsoft Typography group arrow - new site licenses and resells Chinese fonts from Dynacomware, Monotype, SinoType, and ZhongYi via (see below).

*SinoType doesn't seem to have a website, but they are leading type designers and were key partners with Adobe in developing Source Han Sans. arrow - new site Adobe, Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft include SinoType Chinese fonts in their products, as do millions of Chinese TV set-top boxes and other electronic devices.


  • Distribution:
The Arphic Online arrow - new site Chinese language website accepts orders for retail boxed sets. The Arphic main site (see previous section) offers OEM licensing and web fonts.

The DynaShop arrow - new site section of the English language Dynalab website offers direct downloads of Dynalab fonts. OEM licensing and packages are also described on the site. (See also DynaComware link in previous section.) arrow - new site distributes fonts from site owner Monotype and subsidiaries Ascender and ChinaType, as well as Dynacomware, Microsoft, and others.

Linotype arrow - new site distributes fonts from Dynacomware, Hanyi, & Monotype.



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