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Chinese Pinyin Macros
for Office & Open/LibreOffice

Hanyu Pinyin with tones

Automatically convert Pinyin with numbers to Pinyin with diacritics (tone marks) in Word, Excel, Writer, and Calc in three easy steps.

Click here for download links and installation instructions, including information on Pinyin-friendly fonts in Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Chinese Festivals Calendar
for Outlook

Chinese Holidays Outlook Smartphone

Remember all the traditional Chinese holidays with MS Outlook, and any tablet, phone or other device you sync with Outlook too!

Click here for download links and installation instructions, including a list of festival names in English, Pinyin, Traditional and Simplified characters.

Taijiquan Yang Long Form in English, Characters, & Pinyin

Tai chi with Pinyin spreadsheet

A spreadsheet showing all traditional Yang family T'ai-chi long form positions, with numbering examples for 85, 88, 108, and 150 movements, in English translation, Traditional and Simplified Characters, and Pinyin with tone marks. More info here.

Windows 7 Asia Wallpaper (For Any OS)

China Scene Wallpaper from Windows 7

Beautiful unique scenic wallpaper is included with Windows 7, and each region gets a different set. I thought the Asia scenes might be of interest to you, and they actually work in any OS. Click here for links to hi-res scenic photos of mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and India.

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